19 April 2015

Socially Awesome

I have now been focusing on my website which is Socially Awesome. This website is for those who have have social anxiety and who has difficulties being relaxed in social situations.

You can find the new website here:

and facebook page:
Socially Awesome

I hope the website inspires and helps anyone with social anxiety!

30 November 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year...


14 November 2014

How to stay motivated while unemployed?

This is an issue that I'm struggling at this very moment. So here are some tips which will help you get through this period in your life.

Have a goal 
It's easier if you have a goal for example you are planning your future studies, like I'm now planning my master degree studies. Having a goal in your mind keeps you motivated and to go forward.

Have something to do
Applying for jobs is time consuming but you should definitely have something else to do while you are unemployed.I started course in the open university just in the case if my unemployment period continues for a long time. I  applied for the Fall semester but I'm planning to take at least one course in Spring semester as well. It's great to study in the open university because you can study anything you want. This is great time to really find out what you want to study in the future. I took Introduction to Political Science course because I thought I will do my master in this field. But now I have been thinking that maybe I should just continue my international business studies.

Make your perfect job plan
You should make a clear plan what kind of job you really want and write it all down.
What kind of company? Size of the company? What kind of business or organization? What you want your work days to be like?

Also why not start planning your own business like? 
As mentioned in the video below, you should take advantage of the time you have while you are unemployed. You can use the time for your business development.
I have started to plan my own business. I have still many things to do and lot to plan but I will try to really start the business before my next birthday. Now I have just some ideas and some planning done.

I found this incredibly inspiring video about being unemployed by Alex Ikonn. You should definitely watch it. He has also does other inspiring videos you can check them from here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AlexIkonn11

05 November 2014

Inspiration for the Winter days

There are many wonderful things about Fall and Winter but when it's getting more dark you might feel sometimes unmotivated, lazy, sleepy and a bit down. Here are some tricks to get through the cold and dark days...

Plan something fun for every weekend so you will look for something each week.

Create your own Breakfast Club. 
Breakfast, coffee, friends, laughter...

Start your Christmas plannings!

Christmas gift list, christmas movie list, christmas decorations...

Buy something nice and pretty to your office!

Colorful pencils, nice and inspiring mug...

02 November 2014

Social awkwardness.


Hello! Have you ever felt awkward in social situations? Well you are not the only one. I have felt like this for many years now. These past few months though I have noticed that I am little bit less anxious than I was before. Sometimes I am this anxiety girl but at the same time I am social person, I love to meet new people and hang out with people but sometimes it just feels uncomfortable and awkward. Along the way I have come up with things which could help me feel more ease is social situations. Here is the list to feel more comfortable in social situations:

1. Practice not to think too much what other people think about you! This is not easy task I know, but I found this video about "tapping eft"from youtube and it is really great. You should try it! Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNe5-2dCsQc

2. List all the positive things that might happen in the event. For example if the event is a dinner party or network event normally you would maybe think oh my god I don't wanna go because I feel awkward, I will plush and I will embarrass myself totally... and the list goes on. Instead you could make list like this: I will propably meet great new people, maybe there will be cute guys, I will make new friends, there will be nice music, I will get eat delicious food...

3. Visualize the event as positively as possible. If you already visualize negative issues about the event, it will only make you feel worse. Try to see the positive and then visualize it.

4. If you totally feel awful plan your escape. This is because I have noticed that although I have gone to social situations -because people say that you should do the things you fear- but really this haven't helped me at all. It doesn't matter whether I go or no, because what I have learned is that my anxiety is quite irregular so there is no way that I will know for 100% whether I feel relaxed in that social situation or whether I will be anxious. The best things that has helped me with my anxiety over all is tapping eft. And if you worry about what other people think about your "escape" do the number 1.